Warren thinks she can still win the nomination





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Youngguari · a month ago

I still think I can be Rasta…the king of Ethiopia. But alas…my thoughts are clashing with reality.

magahat · a month ago

Liz Warren is living in cloud cuckoo land if she thinks she has a chance of the top job. Every time she had tried a hatchet job on Sanders and then Bloomberg, her ratings have plummeted. Her verbal assassination of Mike Bloomberg went down well with some, but many felt that she deflected the real policy issues which voters wanted to hear. Concentrate on your Senate job Liz, Bernie is the progressive choice and Biden is the DNC 's ‘big white hope.’

LukeBizzare · a month ago

Well, after all…she managed to become Harvard professor by falsely claiming that she was Native American.

SilentEyes · a month ago

Warren had her chance and failed to dismantle the Bernie bandwagon. Adios poco, time to pow wow in your imaginary tepee.

truth_hurts · a month ago

She also thinks she’s an Indian. Both of her thoughts are hysterical.