Warren's demise came as the result of dishonesty





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Absinthe_Mind · 7 months ago

Good summary. Warren was poised to get to the top in October and she blew it. She had the best, most experienced staff, a large loyal support base and great things were expected of her. Why did she have these misguided bouts of storytelling? maybe to prove she was a ‘hip’ lady of the world, able to ‘tune in’ to ALL the people… but she was found out. Trump really went to town with the Pocohontas jibes, and it was amusing and was even funnier because it went against the usual defiant, confident perception of her. When it came to the costings for Medicare for all and her other policies, her statements were sketchy at best, vague. Warren will be remembered in this campaign for humiliating Bloomberg and through her ridiculous fables, humiliating herself.