We Need to Talk About Hillary Clinton’s Deep Weinstein Ties





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #Newsroom · a month ago
FireStorm · a month ago

British tabloid is your proof of something?

truth_hurts · a month ago

No, just one of the first I saw. If you did your own research you would see it is well documented that she took more money from him than any other Democrat.

stablegenius305 · a month ago

Hillary is very ‘touchy, touchy’ in the photo, yuck! Like Prince Andrew and his continued friendship with Epstein after his conviction for sexual assault, Clinton stuck by this sexual predator and bully, she sure picks her friends well.

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · a month ago

Harvey Weinstein was protected by his Clinton buddies right up until he was bang to rights and the evidence against him was far too compelling to ignore. The U.K had a vetetan tv paedophile, Sir Jimmy Saville, now deceased, who was literally given the keys to a childrens hospital as he was ‘allowed’ to carry out his vile abuse of kids with the BBC overlooking his behaviour for decades as he was a "good friend of the Royal Family! The Weinberg case mirrors Savilles sick behaviour replacing these abused kids with abused women, the cover up is the same. Bill and Hillary seem to have a penchant for befriending perverts with their close association to Jeffrey Epstein and their alleged involvement in his demise.