Who are the key senators who could cross party lines?





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@Absinthe_Mind Absinthe_Mind · #Newsroom · 2 months ago
GardenRose · 2 months ago

I think more than five will step out and vote against Trump…especially those who were against his Iran policy. After all…these people must have realized that the best way to get rid of Trump is to remove him.

josephinemunoz · 2 months ago

I pray that you are correct. I am terrified that he has so much corruption in his cabinet and he holds some of their jobs over them that they are terrified to do their jobs cause he will fire them. It’s not right but he has gotten away with it for all this time and they are scared. They should just speak up and out about this president. They can and will find other jobs but they are going to ruin their legacy. This man isn’t worth it. 45 doesn’t care about the people.

martha · 2 months ago

Damm Democrats,they are f… Are nation.Fire nacy .

SilentEyes · 2 months ago

Mitch Romney has a deep seated hatred of anything Trump, he would never vote in his favour.

FireStorm · 2 months ago

With all the supposition in the air surrounding who will back Trump or not, the Dems are in a quandary. They have additional information on Trump and would like to call on Parnas, John Bolton and Giuliani. If this is sanctioned, expect to see Hunter Biden called to testify… this could definitely cause far reaching embarrassment for the Dems, and could be one to avoid.