Why Italy?





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@Youngguari Youngguari · #Newsroom · a year ago
gobuddy · a year ago

Over 300,000 legalised Chinese and an unknown amount of illegals, replacing communities, Chinese law enforcement in certain districts OF ITALY… Jesus, and the Mayor was suggesting “hugging” any Chinese person to dispel xenophobia rumours! No wonder the mortality rate is higher than China, the Chinese run parts of Italy.

CyberWorrier · a year ago

The first case in Italy were two tourists from Wuhan…not local Chinese people.

Absinthe_Mind · a year ago

So on the outbreak of the virus in China, no travel bans were implemented and Italy who have the biggest Chinese community in Europe were having Chinese travelling backwards and forwards from Italy to other parts of China. What a mess!

JacePearce · a year ago

I still do not see the link between their Chinese immigration and the spread of coronavirus there.

stablegenius305 · a year ago

So the Chinese now own most of the Italian textile and fashion industries, displacing Italian communities and making a little China from within. Even the left wing parties are voting right wing policies over this in Italy. Europe has been invaded and multiculturalism is rapidly being found out.