FireStorm · 20 days ago

Such an embarrassment…to have the President of the US humiliated by an authoritarian Turkish president. It is clear that what happened to Armenians in Turkey was a genocide-and even though they are well-respected citizens of the US and other countries all over the world (no, I’m not referring to Kardashians), their plight is not being recognized.

stablegenius305 · 20 days ago

For the same reason Trump removed
troops from Syria, Erdogan/business!

SilentEyes · 20 days ago

Erdogan seems to have Trump…and the
E.U ‘over a barrel’.
The Armenian genocide, again, is thrown
out with the garbage by these chinless
cretins. The Armenian people deserve
some overdue respect and recognition
for the Ottoman bloodbath, but hey, this
is the politics and greed show…with
stupid people at the helm.