patkgreen · 4 months ago

Not if they accept Johnson’s deal.
It would keep the U.K in a E.U 'treaty,
which would mean the U.K will not
be able to vote on policy matters and
eventually Brussels will probably rule
The House of Commons.

stablegenius305 · 4 months ago

The U.K has becoming the laughing stock
of World Politics.
The 17.4 million who voted, and won the Referendum in 2016 (and a fair few
remainers who actually recognise democracy) have seen their vote abused by
career politicians, some who are connected
to the corrupt E.Us gravy train, M.P’s
who have completely overlooked the
will of their ‘leave’ constituents.
The left are hoping that the 'leavers
sense of apathy after this stitch up,
will mean reduced representation in
future legal votes. People are obviously
angry and frustrated but I still sense
a steely determination to fight for what
has been won and leave the E.U.