Another anti-semitic attack in New York



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@ashandkev ashandkev · #NewYork · 5 months ago
truth_hurts · 4 months ago

And thanks to Andrew Cuomo, the suspect will likely get an appearance ticket due to his bail reform where almost nobody goes to jail anymore. The suspect then may be given taxpayer bought Mets tickets to try and persuade him to show up on his court date.

peaceandlove · 5 months ago

We all breathe the same air. We all walk the same earth. “Give peace a chance”. Oh my such anger now…{sigh}

Absinthe_Mind · 5 months ago

Anti-Semitism seems to be rearing it’s ugly head more and more, also across in the U.K. Their should be serious discussions to get to the root of this ever growing aggression against the Jewish people.