Trial Delayed for Guards Accused in Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Cell Death





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@stablegenius305 stablegenius305 · #NewYork · 2 months ago
magahat · 2 months ago

If you want to check out up to date news on the Epstein case I can recommend Sean Attwood, a British journalist who appears on YouTube. He has put out over a hundred videos on the subject and has access to ex cops, and information you don’t always find on mainstream media.

CyberWorrier · 2 months ago

These two Prison guards are being set up as scapegoats, and why the delay for ‘more evidence’? Surely it would be more sensible to look in to why crucial video evidence disappeared, reappeared…and was lost. Why did authorities put Nick Tartaglione in a cell with Epstein, an ex psycho cop who had murdered four drug dealers, whose lawyer was fighting to get the death penalty taken off the table. There are too many inconsistencies relating to this case which kicks the conspiracy theorists arguments in to touch. Epstein was about to make a deal and name some very powerful people implicated in his sex crimes, that was never going to be allowed to happen.