Sarahknowsbest · 3 months ago

Parents should not be allowed to make this kind of decisions on behalf of their young children. Full stop.

ashandkev · 3 months ago

Finally one sensible decision from our courts! Imagine, allowing the mother to change her kid’s gender, because SHE diagnosed gender dysphoria (whatever that is) and the father is not even asked! It is quite possible that she was only trying to get back at father, all at the expense of their son. I “changed” many genders throughout my childhood (because I had three sisters) but that was all part of play! Imagine if they changed my gender at that age?

CyberWorrier · 3 months ago

That boy will change his gender anyway, when he is 18. Boys do not ask people to refer to them by a girl name, if they do not have a good reason. It is better to change his gender now, before he has hit the puberty. Afterwards, it will be much more difficult.

IraqiVet49 · 3 months ago

First of all…How do you know that the boy really wants to change his gender? Because his mom said so? What if she has always wanted a girl? What if she wants to spite his father? Changing your gender is not a small thing. Anyway, you can never change your gender, no matter what you believe you are. What if I think of myself as a snail? Do I become one?

JacePearce · 3 months ago

Poor kid, at seven years old his Mother,
a Doctor, wants to give her child ‘puberty
blockers’?! The kid is obviously stressed,
and his parents divorce case must be
central in his life, at least monitor and
assist him without this extreme option.
There are so many more cases of gender
problems with kids, that were not in the
public eye so much a few years ago.
Does that mean that these cases were hushed up because of a possibility of
discrimination, or is there a power of
suggestion going on here?