Biden attacks Bernie for the actions of his supporters





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #Townhall · 7 months ago
Ive_got_a_sword · 7 months ago

Sanders has attracted young voters into the fold with the usual Socialist ‘freebie’ magnet, and it is inevitable that some of these will have violent radical Socialist tendencies, so Biden has a right to expose the bullying.

CyberWorrier · 7 months ago

Not with “freebie”, but because he is the only one who actually cares about their needs, their student loans.

truth_hurts · 7 months ago

Why stop with student loans? Let’s pay off all car loans, business loans, mortgages…ect. Too funny. The generation of entitlement always wanting free stuff. I’m sorry, if you get loans for a degree that isn’t marketable (art, women’s studies “insert stupid degree here”) and then can’t find a job, it’s your own fault.