Youngguari · 2 months ago

That is not what these polls say. According to them, Biden is the top Democratic contender.
Sure, he has his blunders, but Biden is, politically, the most experienced candidate in these elections.

IraqiVet49 · 2 months ago

It is a fact that what the Dems fire at Trump,
regarding character, actually applies to Biden…threefold.
The man is crude, dozy, forgetful, a
wannabe macho man (arm wrestle Joe?),
bad tempered and politically inept and let’s
not forget…as crooked as hell.
At least Trump has a head for business,
and isn’t doing so bad?

stablegenius305 · 2 months ago

Biden is a blessing for Republicans.
He unintentionally reminds me of
the great W.C. Fields, but Biden’s
catalogue of gaffes and stupidity
are completely natural.
His alleged criminal behaviour
in Ukraine and his aggression towards
anyone who suggests any wrongdoings,
is something else.
The Biden’s are up to the their necks
in the Burismo quicksand, along with
other senior Dems, this man is greedy
for money and doesn’t give a 'hoot how
it is acquired.
Sleepy Joe, has lived up to his name
on the debating stage, often forgetting
where he is, and his senility seems to
increase by the day.
Trump isn’t the brightest star in the sky
but Biden…he really is plain stupid.
I think his campaign will start losing
support (surely even the Dems realise
he’s a liability)?
Like many, I reckon Clinton will come
and join the fray and Joe will be put
out to pasture.