Bloomberg: We cannot provide healthcare to the elderly





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FireStorm · 7 months ago

Well done Mike, you just lost a whole bunch of voters.

patkgreen · 7 months ago

The guy is still hoping he can buy their votes. Does not matter what he says.

gobuddy · 7 months ago

The elderly are fast becoming the subject of disposal talk both sides of the pond. Why should senior people be less worthy of receiving health care? It is a disgusting thought that they have less rights than the rest because they have looked after themselves, and require some help to see out their days. The Brexit battle exposed some awful comnents from liberal commentators, ‘well I’m sure the older generation are responsible in some way for Brexit being voted in, but they will be dead soon so ‘remain’ will be stronger.’ Another idiot (Terry Christian…a repugnant ex minor celebrity) appeared on the BBC suggesting that old people who voted Brexit deserve to be at the back of the queue for healthcare, and hopefully they will succumb to an illness! The new disrespect and aggression shown towards the elderly, who raised their families and earned their ‘healthy’ retirement, is disgusting. Officials should first look at the massive cost of free medical help for illegal immigrants, and not hit the pensioners with this fascist agenda. But hey, why would they care when votes from these migrants are of more importance.

LukeBizzare · 7 months ago

The guy appears to have some fascist ideas. Remember that young woman who worked for him, got pregnant…and he told her: Are you going to kill it?

SleepyJoe · 7 months ago

Bloomberg was really on a roll, his massive outlay seeming to be attracting the punters, but the dirt has been gathered and he’s had a bad few days. This comment is a little more serious than him being reported over sexism, racism and other prejudices over the years, senior citizens deserve our respect as much as anybody else and should be cherished and respected in society, and treated accordingly. Bloomberg is started to look very soulless as a man.