Has the "I am calling for ..." trope become the left's version of "hopes and prayers" ?





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@The_Ex_Cowboy The_Ex_Cowboy · #Townhall · 6 months ago
Has the "I am calling for ..."  trope become the left's version of  "hopes and prayers" ?

This link just came across my screen scroll and it gave me pause.


One can’t even spot-check the news while driving through heavy traffic lately without seeing some vaguely relevant left side politician calling for something or other. And let’s be clear right up front: I am usually supportive to the point of road rage for the things being called for. However, like a lot of centrist assholes with half a century behind me, I honestly believe that unless an army of sword-wielding Scotts shows up, none of the things being “called for” has better odds of success than an endangered bird’s chance of surviving a russian whore and skeet shooting convention at Mar-a-Lago.

Just like the New Weather, the New Reich is here, real and a rapidly growing pain in the ass for people with less 90 million dollars in the bank. The GOP has just this week cemented the bunker foundations of their New World Order. So why are the same failed politicians who let it happen still pretending this kind of outdated nonsense is going to move the dial backward towards freedom for the wealth-impaired massed ?

I guess it is understandable . When it comes to actual liberty and democracy the 65% of moderate and left side Americans who oppose things like “Citizen’s United” are officially left holding the bag now. “Calling for things” might be the only crumb of democracy left in that bag. The praying and hoping (and killing and bribing and blackmailing and … oh, nevermind) Republicans currently have all the power, guns, money etc and that won’t change soon. Nonetheless, if these grumbles are intended as calls for the left to break out the umbrellas and gas masks they are pathetic. If they are intended as warnings that the center is about to start buying vodka, socks and zippo lighters they are enteric. Our self created media has de-sensitized us to the sacred and our politicians have distracted us from the profane. Something in my gut makes me cringe about the failed totality of this. I think the “I Am Calling For …” sentiment irritates me mostly because it feels like they are just swinging a weapon of rhetoric from the rusty arsenal they just used in a war they already lost.

Still, maybe we all can and should call for things now. In fact I am calling for it.

Never mind that especially in this writer’s case it is just going to be “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”. Everyone should just vent forth like the iconic newsman who shouted “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore” before we all get back to doing exactly that. We know that the government is not listening to our concerns anymore but our cell phones certainly are so maybe we can start there. "Alexis” is so frighteningly responsive with the profane cargo that maybe we should entreat her to drop us some profane things. Call me John Frum and count me in:

I hereby call for many things.

Speaking of “Alexis”, I call for women, who are most household’s lead consumers, to stop letting Silicon Valley men imprint humanity’s new domestic digital slave technology as foreign accented young women.

I call for cops to patrol without their cars or their guns for half their duty hours and then see how many innocent teenagers get killed.

I call for Airplane seats to be larger, not because our government demands safety but because our people demand dignity.

I call for the end beneficiary identities involved in every stock or public market transaction greater than one million dollars to be published at the close of every day.

I call for Congress to stop spending our citizen tax money on corporate military socialism while exempting the contractor corporations and their executives from paying those taxes. Specifically, I call for the elimination of money-and-batshit-fueled fighter aircraft programs when we haven’t faced an enemy with an air force since 1972 and sixteen guys in a mall in Nevada with a couple of radio shack’s worth of remote control drones have made the entire Aircraft Carrier Wing concept tactically and strategically obsolete.

And hell yes, I call for the reversal of Citizen’s United.

I also call for the entire Supreme Court to resign and replace themselves with the starting lineup of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Finally, I call for people who call for things to be mocked derisively by dislexic internet hacks.

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