Impeachment is destroying Democrats, not Trump



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@patkgreen patkgreen · #Townhall · 6 months ago
Facts · 6 months ago

So far impeachment has shown:

  1. Trump attempted to bribe the Ukraine
  2. Simply soliciting a bribe is a crime
  3. Trump is obstructing justice by not allowing certain cabinet members to speak under oath.

Impeachment is not destroying Democrats, it’s simply exposing the fact that Republican voters don’t care about the rule of law.

magahat · 6 months ago

Since your nickname is “facts”, what about offering some evidence as to why what Trump did amounts to a bribe? I mean, bribe is not defined for the purpose of impeachment. So, did he give something of value to Zelensky, and RECEIVED something from him in exchange? Thanks

SilentEyes · 6 months ago

The country is fed up with this impeachment enquiry and just want
to get on with discussing other matters.

JacePearce · 6 months ago

This long drawn out…3 year witchhunt
against Trump, has proved counter
The American people can see through
the lack of fair play involved in this
impeachment, and apathy has set in.
Rather than discussing policy issues,
there have been 3 years of Trump
bashing, with hearsay being the common
denominator of the ‘star witnesses’