Let's all say goodbye to Nondisclosure Mike





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #Townhall · 8 months ago
Ive_got_a_sword · 8 months ago

Mini “non disclosure” Mike, after his Vegas ‘performance,’ has been exposed in no uncertain terms as an inadequate choice as future President. It was by far the worst performance ever, he was like an opiated rabbit in the headlights, winceworthy! You would have expected that a man who has ploughed half a billion dollars into his campaign would be at least ready to overcome his detractors on the podium, well, he wasn’t. Liz Warren absolutely destroyed him with the non disclosure agreements forced upon his downtrodden female staff and his general misogyny exposed. Bloomberg mumbled through the proceedings showing the personality of a mollusc whilst being absolutely torn apart. He proved once and for all that he doesn’t possess the intelligence, leadership qualities and again, the personality to represent the greatest Nation on earth. Despite his 65 billion, Bloomfield has been shown to be an uncaring fraud without any empathy or understanding pertaining to a future President. Those voters who were considering Mike Bloomfield will be looking at other options after this train crash in Vegas and America will dodge a bullet as Bloomberg has proved to be unelectable.

FireStorm · 8 months ago

The more these ‘disclosures’ surrounding Bloomberg come to light, the more we see that an out of touch billionairre has no credentials that make him a worthy leader of the U.S A. Some of his crass, depraved actions make Trump look like Mother Theresa!

Youngguari · 8 months ago

This has been a nightmare of a week for Mike Bloomberg and maybe a ‘mere’ half a billion dollars down the toilet. He will keep spending and buying up the media, it depends now whether people will forget the Vegas calamity and the media concentrate their vitriol on another candidate. Either way he’s been shown to be a man who lacks debating skills, wringing his hands, fidgeting under pressure and he just came across as an unpleasant little billionaire.