The end of Europe?





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SleepyJoe · 10 months ago

If a host, modern, Christian Nation invites a 7th century cult into their country that sees them as the enemy, it is of no surprise that disaster will ensue.

Absinthe_Mind · 10 months ago

The migration within Europe since Merkel opened the door to Germany has been an unmitigated disaster. Erdogan a despot ruler is further enacting the Kalergi plan to saturate Europe with Muslims and to have his Caliphate. Some may say that Europe is getting payback for the many pointless conflicts in the middle east over the years, but the people of Europe, who were not in agreement on these ‘wars for oil’ have been invaded by many semi literate migrants who are hellbent on building there own society within a Christian society and adopting their own laws, whilst milking the system for all its worth. Sweden, Germany, France, U.K and many other Nations have suffered huge crime increases from mainly Islamic migrants and implement soft deterrents to the culprits, protecting the criminal rather than the victim…“for the sake of diversity,” and European women have been left to fend for themselves against men who have no respect for ‘kaffars’ and see them as justifiable prey. Sweden is dotted with no go areas, women stay indoors because of the fear of sexual attacks, even Merkel in Germany realizes that she has f… up. There is a Muslim mayor in London where the crime statistics regarding murder of mainly young people and knife crimes/acid attacks have been at a record level under Mr Khan. Terririst attacks are now a norm, and Mosques will soon outnumber churches. Children are no longer protected in the U.K and up and down the country there has been a sustained attack on kids by Pakistani grooming gangs who have befriended these poor kids, introduced them to alcohol and drugs and passed them around amongst their friends to be sexually abused. The police admit, along with Social services that they feared prosecuting the groomers for multicultural reasons and not wanting to appear racist rather than protecting these children. I am not painting Islam as evil in total, but many Muslims see it as normal to marry a 6-8 year old child… like their Prophet Mohammed, and view any non Muslim as fair bait. If guests in a host country have no desire to assimilate, have a higher birth rate, are given preferential treatment on housing and social benefits, that system will become broken in the near future. The E.U is a crumbling club that has instigated their globalist agenda and dumped these people into civilized societies and it’s been a disaster from day one. It is strange that the Gulf States, Indonesia and other Islamic countries are not taking in fellow Muslims, I think it is a long term plan for the Islamification of Europe and a war will be inevitable as a result. Erdogan is following this pattern and the threat is not being taken seriously enough as Christian Europe is being decimated by those who aspire to Sharia law and don’t respect the proper rule of law.

FireStorm · 10 months ago

War in Europe between Islam and non Islamic faith is a certainty within the next 15-20 years. It will start with Civil war in France.