CyberWorrier · 3 months ago

Pretty wise, as you will not like what you

stablegenius305 · 3 months ago

But the polls are ‘doing you’ Elisabeth.

SilentEyes · 3 months ago

Why is it that these candidates put
themselves up for ridicule, when
their blatant misrepresentations of
themselves, are likely to be discovered
some time in the future!?
Warren’s gaffes, or if you like… lies,
are embarrassing, and her policies,
likely to bankrupt the U.S.
It is no wonder that her support is
falling away at such an alarming rate.
Buttigieg, frantically looking to impress
black voters, is actually alienating them,
with his clumsy rhetoric.
Sanders has a chance to make an impression
as Biden is still embroiled in the Burismo
allegations, and his performance so far,
in debate, has come across as confused.