What is missing from Trump impeachment polls?





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ashandkev · 5 months ago

Proof of criminal behaviour?
Trump maybe prone to the odd gaffe or
3 but this witchhunt over a phone call,
and the three year rabid, Dems onslaught
has gone beyond obsessive.
If the Dems want D.T to answer their
‘charges’, then let’s have a bi-partizan
hearing, not a bunch of people chosen
by Schiff!
Trump has committed no more than a
misdemeanour (if found guilty of anything) and in a fair hearing, this will be proven.

chopsuey · 5 months ago

If Trump really was using my, yours and every other Americans tax dollars as leverage for his political advantage than he deserves to be kicked swiftly to the curb.

CyberWorrier · 5 months ago

It is obviously not just a phone call. It is about someone who is abusing state resources for his personal gain-digging up dirt about his opponents. It is about the man who is concealing his tax returns.