Whistleblower's identity revealed



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@patkgreen patkgreen · #Townhall · 5 months ago
Facts · 5 months ago

Oh so only Republicans are allowed to speak out about Trump’s misdeeds?

Oh yeah they did, like Robert Muller…and then Republicans had to change the subject because their stupid lie was exposed again.

Ive_got_a_sword · 5 months ago

No wonder Schiff has been reluctant to
reveal the identity of the Obama serving

Youngguari · 5 months ago

Ciaramella, who is a staunch Democrat,
worked for the Obama administration,
and of course knows Joe Biden… .is the
elusive whistle blower…what a surprise?
The only reason the Dems are pushing for this ludicrous impeachment to oust
Trump, is that it is their only possible
chance of preventing Trump’s 2nd term
in office. As the truth comes out, they
are failing badly in their ‘stitch up’, and
they are a disgrace to the Nation