Why is Biden prone to bizarre outbursts?





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #Townhall · 19 days ago
FireStorm · 19 days ago

Biden and family are all about lining their own pockets while ignoring the decent working class Americans. Trump will squash this arrogant, mentally deficient groper into the ground.

truth_hurts · 18 days ago

It’s part of his mental decline.

LukeBizzare · 18 days ago

Exactly…he no longer has mental acuity to answer questions properly, so he has to resort to these outbursts. However, for as long as I can remember, Biden has been like this.

CyberWorrier · 18 days ago

He has definitely got worse and the decline is visibly becomong more rapid. After his recent outbursts I fear for Sanders safety. Quid pro may actually lose it and attack Bernie! That would be pure vaudeville, there is always a possibility.

demolition_man · 18 days ago

Now that Republicans see their competition for November, it’s fascinating to see the sudden outburst of anti-Biden discussion going on across the internet. Even if some of the articles are warranted, a lot of the same criticisms could be placed on Trump as well. It’s appears it’s going to be a close election. Democrats are fired up and voting in higher than expected turnouts and will do anything to get Trump out.


A lot of the same criticism? Like which? OK, Trump slurs his words…but that is not because of his mental decline, but his dentures!

Fubiz · 18 days ago

Biden gets agitated and aggressive if he doesn’t like the subject matter asked of him. He becomes insulting and resorts to physical challenges. I find it entertaining but imagine this disturbed man as President, I wince when I think of how he will conduct himself under pressure with World leaders. God help us if this fruitcake gets near the White House!

stablegenius305 · 18 days ago

Because he is as mad as a March hare!