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GardenRose · 37 minutes ago

Younger African Americans might. Older…I’m not sure? But they will definitely support him over Trump any time.

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CyberWorrier · 2 days ago

Such an unfortunate coincidence that Trump is of German origins through his father :(

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Youngguari · 3 days ago

This has been a nightmare of a week for Mike Bloomberg and maybe a ‘mere’ half a billion dollars down the toilet. He will keep spending and buying up the media, it depends now whether people will forget the Vegas calamity and the media concentrate their vitrio… view more​

Ive_got_a_sword · 3 days ago

Mini “non disclosure” Mike, after his Vegas ‘performance,’ has been exposed in no uncertain terms as an inadequate choice as future President. It was by far the worst performance ever, he was like an opiated rabbit in the headlights, winceworthy! You would ha… view more​

FireStorm · 3 days ago

The more these ‘disclosures’ surrounding Bloomberg come to light, the more we see that an out of touch billionairre has no credentials that make him a worthy leader of the U.S A. Some of his crass, depraved actions make Trump look like Mother Theresa!

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FireStorm · 7 days ago

Well done Mike, you just lost a whole bunch of voters.

gobuddy · 7 days ago

The elderly are fast becoming the subject of disposal talk both sides of the pond. Why should senior people be less worthy of receiving health care? It is a disgusting thought that they have less rights than the rest because they have looked after themselves,… view more​

LukeBizzare · 7 days ago

The guy appears to have some fascist ideas. Remember that young woman who worked for him, got pregnant…and he told her: Are you going to kill it?