Burisma lobbied Obama admin to drop investigation





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@SilentEyes SilentEyes · #Video · 5 months ago
ashandkev · 5 months ago

It Looks like the cover up is coming from
the Dems side?
No wonder Schiff is disallowing any
bi-partizan involvement in his very
shadey, behind closed doors, impeachment hearings.
With John Kerry and indeed Obama’s
names being linked to the wrongdoings
at Burisma, the Dems have a lot to lose.
Hence, the uneven playing field and the
Trump involvement facade.

Youngguari · 5 months ago

Let’s get this out in the open and let the
American people know the truth.

SleepyJoe · 5 months ago

The Biden’s must surely be called upon
to answer questions, after this evidence
has come to light.