Challenges of enforcing the law



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@ashandkev ashandkev · #Video · a year ago
truth_hurts · a year ago

The virus won’t raise the crime rate as much as bail reform has. I feel sorry for the anti gun liberals who have no way to protect themselves from anarchy. We’ve been listening to those hypocrites forever talk about how bad guns are and now they may find themselves in a situation where the cops may not be around, nobody goes to jail, and the criminal element becomes emboldened. Too bad the anti-gunner’s never thought ahead about a way to protect themselves and their loved ones should society become unsafe.

patkgreen · a year ago

What a difficult task for law enforcement, having to prioritise while trying to keep safe from infection. I hope very much that criminals don’t see this as an open season opportunity to do crimes while law enforcement is so stretched. Gun ownership has increased hugely within this very uncertain period.