Chilling warning to Trump fans





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@JacePearce JacePearce · #Video · 8 months ago
ashandkev · 8 months ago

This is obviously a fake video. Look at that photograph of Corbyn in the background.

Youngguari · 8 months ago

I bet Trump supporters are trembling in
their boots.
This Billy Bunter lookalike and his
aggressive threats, add fuel and
legitimacy to Trump’s tenure in office,
He should get a shrink, then get a job…
but wait , who would employ that?

stablegenius305 · 8 months ago

Hahahaha. Sorry , this English cretin is
a mouthpiece for antifa?
The guy comes across as semi literate…
at best, and needs to get some therapy.
On a serious note, I would hope that
law enforcement (or those men in white
coats) have his number. You cannot go
around inciting violence whatever your
political leaning. What a loser.

patkgreen · 8 months ago

Guys like him can only start a Milkshake War, so yes, I’m trembling…(and Burger War, I forgot)