Giuliani forced Yovanovitch out because she is "corrupt"





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@Fubiz Fubiz · #Video · 3 months ago
patkgreen · 3 months ago

Rudy has been a busy beaver, and it’s really worrying the Democrats as he unravels vital evidence from the Burisma scandal. Yovanovich is on shakey ground, and the Dems have good cause to worry as Rudy digs deeper.

Ive_got_a_sword · 3 months ago

The longer this impeachment goes on, the more information comes out implicating Joe Biden having a huge connection to Burismo, and he won’t dispel those rumours? If Yovanovich is proved to have been corrupt whilst covering up for the Biden’s, and to have perjured herself while testifying, then Giuliani has a good case, and Trump had a right to ask questions