SilentEyes · 24 days ago

Graham should concentrate his efforts
to protect his corrupt President, rather
than baiting Joe Biden.
The Biden accusations are being used
to deflect attention from Trump’s
obvious misdoings.

magahat · 24 days ago

The documents should make for very
interesting reading…bring it on.

ashandkev · 24 days ago

The American people deserve some
clarity, Biden is complicit in all of this
‘Ukrainegate’ scandal.
Time for some transparency Joe.

stablegenius305 · 24 days ago

Schiff has been chasing Trump, like a rabid
bloodhound for three years now.
His ‘star’ witnesses have disclosed
nothing to suggest an impeachment
was necessary in the first place…he said,
she said, supposition at best.
Biden and son MUST be called to
testify, as there are far too many ‘grey
areas’ relating to their association with
Schiff, Pelosi, and the spoon fed media, are fully aware of this and have deflected
the likely scandal, to Trump, as it is
more than likely that former senior
Democrats will be caught up in the