Greta Thunberg 's show at UN Climate Action Summit



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@SleepyJoe SleepyJoe · #Video · 9 months ago
FireStorm · 9 months ago

This is brilliantly written article, 100% spot on.

That girl is manipulated by her parents, or whoever else is behind the scenes, she is not helping the cause of environmentalism, but, on the contrary, undermining it. She reminds me of “The Tribe” series and teen leader Zoot with his “Power and Chaos” speeches.
It is like she is auditioning for some kind of apocalyptic movie and not a real cause. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change did not make any 10-year or 11-year apocalyptic projections. Why? Because they talk science and not histrionics.

Ive_got_a_sword · 9 months ago

I do not know about you, but this video makes me cringe. Not because of climate change, but because of this girl. If she does not become next Malala and win Nobel Peace Prize, she will become the next Meryl Streep. She will only have to learn how to fake tears. It is like Jehovah Witnesses with their apocalyptic predictions that never come true. And actually believing that all these kids take this stuff seriously? They just see it as a big party…marching the streets and the best of all-skipping school!