Iran: US will be expelled from the region



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gobuddy · 3 months ago

Iran has regained some bragging rights domestically by bombing these targets, but I expect more strikes in order to balance Soleimani’s assassination (that’s the way the Iranians view this) in this tit for tat muscle flexing contest. Thank God Trump has now come to his senses regarding the bombing of cultural heritage sites, that would have been a huge mistake, and would meet disapproval universally, just Trump running his mouth off without engaging his brain. The terrible air disaster in Iran, which killed all on board the Ukranian aircraft, is provoking many questions from experts. It is very unusual to have such an early verdict of ‘cause of crash’ and we await the information from the black box. The plane carried many nationalities including passengers fleeing Iran and the nature of this tragedy is being questioned…maybe a stray missile could be involved?