Nancy Pelosi has other problems: Paul Pelosi Jr faces abuse and fraud allegations





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@magahat magahat · #Video · 4 months ago
LukeBizzare · 4 months ago

Always clean your own house first, before criticizing your neighbor’s house.

ashandkev · 4 months ago

Half of the Democrats and their sons,
seem to have loved the Ukraine ???

Absinthe_Mind · 4 months ago

All of this goes way back to the Obama
The much overlooked real ‘quid pro quo’
was undertaken by the former President,
when he refused to release aid to Ukraine.
Ever since then, we learn that unqualified family members of leading Democrats have
been placed in gas companies,and paid
ridiculous amounts of money.
The Hunter Biden case is well documented,
now a Pelosi appears on the ‘alleged’ list.
John Kerry’s name has been mentioned
as another with Ukraine connections.
No wonder the Dems are chasing Trump so hard, with the steady flow of sketelons rattling in their cupboards.

ben_afleck_is_an_ok_actor · 4 months ago

The Democrats have thrown everything
at Trump, (have no evidence of a ‘quid
pro quo’ after their ‘star witnesses’
proved to be ‘hearsay’ merchants),
and now we have yet another dem
scandal, with Paul Pelosi’s conduct
coming into question.
Paul Pelosi, Hunter Biden plus others,
need to explain exactly how they were
‘assisting’ Ukraine and helping a
corrupt country on behalf of their
high rolling kin…should be interesting?
Ukraine seems to be a favourite venue for these unskilled kids of the political elite
to ‘represent’ the dems,…and gas seems
to be the common denominator.