Navy SEALS call their platoon leader evil



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@FireStorm FireStorm · #Video · 6 months ago
Facts · 6 months ago

Pardoning this man is one of Trump’s most vile misdeeds.

carolinatarheel · 6 months ago

How would you feel if he was your son, brother, father or husband? We train them and send them into battle! Many don’t come back!

Absinthe_Mind · 6 months ago

Some people would say that he must have been evil, if his peers, who are known for their code of honor regarding their colleagues, are saying these things about him. But it does not add up. What was he accused of? Taking a photo with a corpse? OK, not a nice thing to do, but far from being sufficient to label someone as evil?!

Youngguari · 6 months ago

You are wrong. He was accused of stabbing to death an imprisoned ISIS teenage prisoner. But he was acquitted, even though that was controversial.