The Brexit Party are only a few months in
existence, so they are unexpected to win
more than 5 or 6 seats around the country.
However, Farage’s stance will enable
voters to vote tactically, which will crush
Labour’s ambitions.

GardenRose · a month ago

Wonderful news for the Brexit voters.

stablegenius305 · a month ago

At last, a Patriot who is putting country
before Party…bravo Nigel Farage.
These positive actions by Farage, will
mean that the U.K will avoid the
prospects of a second referendum…
after the first was WON by the Brexiteers.
It could also dump the Lib Dems into the
political gutter.
Jo Swinson and her party refused to
acknowledge the ‘people’s vote’ in the
first referendum, and clearly stated
that she would not recognise a second
referendum victory to leave the E.U.
And this ‘party’ is called the Liberal
Boris Johnson stupidly refused to sit down to discuss a leave alliance strategy with
Farage, but has been gifted the
General Election …by a better man.
Labour will now have to tackle the Brexit
Party in the G.E…5 million Labour voters
in the North… voted leave, but will never
vote Conservative…step in… the Brexit P.
Thank God that the prospect of the
anti-Semitic Corbyn leading the country,
is now extremely unlikely.

JacePearce · a month ago

Good point about the Labour support…that was?
Labour supporters in the North of England
have never forgiven the Tories for shutting down their mines, and the working
class have been staunch Labour voters
since the early 1900’s, however, 5 million
of them, feel betrayed by their local mp’s,
who ignored their votes and pushed for
The Brexit Party are a viable option.
Basically, anything to avoid a 2nd referendum is a plus.