truth_hurts · 10 days ago

Pelosi is the epitome of the Democratic Party. They act like petulant children. They started this nonsense. Did they truly expect the Senate convict on the half-baked articles the House sent over that they didn’t spend time with process to complete? Everyone knew Trump would be acquitted. Laughable. These same Democrats probably went to see the Titanic movie and were surprised the ship sunk at the end.

IraqiVet49 · 12 days ago

Like Mother like Daughter. So Christine Pelosi, obviously well schooled by her Mum, says “it’s an Italian thing,” regarding Nancy’s petulant behaviour at the SOTU address, and remembering how her dear old Italian Grandmother broke a plate in the kitchen after a guest was rude. What a load of baloney, it was sheer petulance for the cameras and this vile woman acted above her station.

magahat · 12 days ago

Just wondering…Did they have any Russians in their family? Nanski?
I’m just trying to investigate vodka link.

gobuddy · 12 days ago

“My Mum prays every day”… what she means is, “My Mum preys every day.”