Trump: We are taking aggressive action





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JacePearce · 7 months ago

Now…he was laughing it off at the beginning, when he should have taken action.

truth_hurts · 7 months ago

He was in a tough position. He needed to calm a nation while the media panicked it. The numbers still don’t exist for the drastic measures taken and that shows you how far ahead of the curve he is. Obama dropped the ball in 2009 and we learned many lessons from his mistakes. It’s easy for you to say , “he should have taken action,” but to knowingly crush the economy before the numbers exist to qualify those actions is difficult. The doctors/experts will always call for the most drastic measure with no concern for anything else. The President and his advisors know the real costs of taking that advice and then have to make decisions based on the best information they have. His response has been aggressive and appropriate. It took Obama 6 months before he acted while thousands of Americans died. His response was so lame the only thing I remember from 2009 was waiting for and expecting to get it. None of what we are currently doing happened then. Hopefully this all pays off and we will be stronger for it with valuable lessons learned. I’m guessing we will change our trust with China and the too easy international travel. It also shows the need for strong border security.