CyberWorrier · 2 months ago

There is a huge difference between being above the law and not having to be persecuted by the law, because there are no ground for that, Tucker.

magahat · 2 months ago

The Dems impeachment fiasco is
already proving to be counter productive
as Trump has reversed Biden’s approval
ratings in several districts.
The American people who watched
the ‘star witnesses’ crooked efforts
in defaming Trump, promptly turned
off their tv’s and the ratings plummeted.
This impeachment attempt will come
back to bite these idiots fully on the
The Biden’s ‘indiscretions,’ the real
criminal acts being covered up here, are
of more concern to voters, and the
lack of fair play regarding Trump
disturbs the good people of America
when the real culprits are avoiding
a full investigation.

Fubiz · 2 months ago

I would not be so sure.
Even if people are not watching the impeachment hearing, they are reading about that. Trump is being dragged through a lot of mud, and the results will be seen if Hillary joins the race.
Also, I think it was Biden (gaffes) who reversed his own ratings-not Trump.