ashandkev · a month ago

The Brits proved that if the establishment
ignores the will of the people they will
tell them through the polls…
The U.K certainly wasn’t ready for a
socialist government under Corbyn,
and the tyranny regarding Brexit
completely backfired on the elite.

LukeBizzare · a month ago

Brendan O’ Neill is bang on the money
Brexiteers won a referendum in 2016,
and were vilified and insulted in the media
as ‘little Englanders’, ‘Zenophobes’,
‘anti Europeans’ and much more.
The ridiculously named…Liberal
Democrats, proved to be the opposite,
attempting to cancel Brexit,continuing
to spout the rhetoric I have mentioned
The Labour Party have suffered
unprecedented losses in there heartlands
as 5 million Labour Brexiteers were
not taken seriously by their arrogant
M.P’s who put party before people.
The British voters also rebelled against
the Marxist ‘philosophies’ of Corbyn
and his far left principles.
‘Safe’ Labour seats…held for 100 years
were taken by the Tories, and the rest is
Boris Johnson is not loved by the U.K
electorate but the option of having
the distrusted Corbyn as leader was too
much to even contemplate.
Democracy has certainly won the day.