Whistleblower: US Violates International Law By Sending Asylum Seekers To Mexico | MSNBC



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@ashandkev ashandkev · #Video · 7 months ago
gobuddy · 7 months ago

Who should care if they have no access to due process in their own country? Well, Mexico should care! Why should we worry about them? None of them are eligible to stay in the USA, because they are not running away from anything. There is no war. On the contrary, Mexican economy has been on the rise lately.

CyberWorrier · 7 months ago

Human Rights Watch:
“According to the Mexican government, the country is currently facing a violent public security crisis. Mexico recorded more intentional homicides in 2018 than it has since the country began keeping records in 1997, and two of the northern states to which asylum seekers are being returned under MPP, Baja California and Chihuahua, are among the most violent in the country”

You still think they are not eligible to stay?