Why media praises Adam Schiff?





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@LukeBizzare LukeBizzare · #Video · 7 months ago
Ive_got_a_sword · 7 months ago

As the majority of the media is leaning
acutely to the left, it is inevitable that
the likes of C.N.N, spoon fed by Pelosi,
will spew out out this ‘bombshell’
nonsense, hoping the people will buy
into it, they haven’t.
The only voters who are likely to praise
the odious Schiff, are those suffering
from ‘Trump derangement syndrome’,
they would have you believe that black
is white, if it served their Trump hating

magahat · 7 months ago

This Schiff overkill may be enough to
drive the most ardent sufferer of T.D.S
to despair, as he is obviously nuts.
But I doubt it???