Will the impeachment trial be partisan circus?





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #Video · 9 months ago
chazman70 · 9 months ago

The impeachment in the house itself was a circus now the Senate has control and they can dispose of it quickly without all the hoopla… we all know that Nancy Pelosi Adam Schiff and their cronies are in for a very bad November all right

ben_afleck_is_an_ok_actor · 9 months ago

Come on people…Let’s stop pretending this is a trial, except in name. This is a political process, with no legal arguments, and it will end like a political process- by voting.

stablegenius305 · 9 months ago

The Dems will attempt to make it so, but the Senate won’t allow such a circus and for the first time, Trump will actually be able to defend himself. Republicans will argue the case that NO high crimes or misdemeanours have been alleged by the Dems against Trump and will seek an acquittal, which will nonsense Pelosi’s rhetoric of “impeachment charges will be on record for life.” I don’t expect the Democrats to seek witnesses, as they don’t have any added insight to Trump’s alleged ‘misdeeds,’ in fact, the last thing they will want is the likes of Hunter Biden on the stand, as his testimony could jeopardize many senior Dems goung back to the Obama administration, including his Father.

FireStorm · 9 months ago

They have not done great arguing their case so far…I mean…claiming that impeaching someone for the abuse of power is unconstitutional?! Dershowitz is even worse than I thought. That man has lost the plot.

donnieduck · 9 months ago

When have they had an opportunity to argue their case? That is what the Dimocrats and the media fear; a total annihilation of their narrative and case.